Protecting Your Business

Setting up a merchant account is easy.

However, failing to implement a safety protocol to protect from chargebacks, cyber thieves, and dishonest employees will result in much stress when your business becomes a victim. Card Diva is your guide to help create a “best practices” protection plan. In turn we learn the ins and outs of your business, allowing us to monitor the risk on your account with a watchful eye from the back end system.

  •   Minimize Risk on Fraudulent Transactions
  •   Protection From Chargebacks
  •   Assistance With PCI Compliance
  •   Safeguard from Predatory Processors

Combatting predatory processors who skew savings, lock you in a long term contract with costly cancellation fees is a necessary precaution for business owners. Introducing the “Guard Diva Hotline”, created to fend off annoying solicitors with bogus proposals and sales scams. Card Diva clients trust us to keep the pesky solicitors away.

To gain access to our Guard Diva Hotline message us below. Card Diva is here to protect your business on every level.