Card Diva Wants You!

Card Diva’s Referral Program pays YOU to work for us.

Building rapport is the biggest hurdle to earn new customers, but your network of colleagues makes the way we do business a win win. You make commissions for connecting us, Card Diva earns more clients, and the business owner is happy!

New businesses are great referrals and so are clients who are already accepting payments elsewhere and frustrated with cookie cutter programs, ever rising rates and poor service. Card Diva will create a better, cost effective customized solution! We work coast to coast with all types of businesses: e-commerce, mobile, brick and mortar, and mail order/phone order. Who do you know?

  •    Restaurants and Bars
  •    Retailers
  •    Automotive
  •    Manufacturers
  •    Wholesalers
  •   Software developers
  •   Franchises
  •   Medical
  •   Trade Show Vendors
  •   And More…

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