Fixed Rates… Guaranteed.

Lost in the maze of credit card processing rates and fees?

Card Diva delivers the raw truth about the ins and outs of credit card processing. We go against the grain and do not offer “introductory low rates” then raise our fees every six months (a standard in the payments industry). Card Diva delves into your business and how it operates to uncover the variables related to your processing needs. You can take our savings to the bank!

  •   Fixed Pricing over Cost- Guaranteed
  •   B2B- Level 2 and Level 3 Interchange
  •   No Canned or Introductory Rates
  •   No Long Term Contract
  •   No Hefty Cancellation Fee

New in Business or Already Processing?

Punch in your business details and a Card Diva payment expert will contact you to create an Integrated System that best fit your company’s needs or allow us to investigate and expose any unnecessary charges your current processor could be charging….