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Card Diva is a boutique-style credit card processor with a “customer first” mentality, catering to business owners seeking a true payments partner. Card Diva’s unique business model has revolutionized a new way of processing that’s win win for our clients and for us. Rather than following the industry norm, at Card Diva we go against the grain and we are here…. “For the Life of Your Business.”

If you are seeking Low Fixed Rates, Top Notch Service and a Trusted Partner, you are home.

Trusting your payment processor to handle your business’s most valuable asset (credit card volume) is crucial. Card Diva has a network of partners and colleagues we call on to help us manage your processing needs and grow your business….


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In today’s robust market, we are constantly searching for faster, easier ways to manage the variables of running the day to day. Whether you are a small business owner or a software developer, Card Diva will work with you to create the perfect integrated solution.


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Looking for good old fashioned personal service? It still exists at Card Diva! Our dedicated payment experts are truly a phone call, email, or text away from answers to your questions about your account…


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Need your own Sherlock Holmes to decipher the truth behind credit card processing and select the right partner for your business? Card Diva takes pride in delivering the raw truth regarding the ins and outs of payment acceptance, allowing you to make an educated decision about what’s best for your company.

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Accepting credit card payments doesn’t come without risk; being educated will help protect your business from scams and chargebacks that can be very costly. As your processor, Card Diva’s got your back behind the scenes…

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Let your network and connections work for you to create a monthly residual income through Card Diva. Our Referral Partner Program compensates individuals who make a warm introduction to business owners who process credit cards.  Connect us with your prospects and we take care of the rest…

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Our Mission

To transform the merchant experience with credit card processing into one that’s Fun, Simple and Easy. Card Diva offers transparent pricing, quick account set up and processing systems/solutions that meet our clients’ needs for the long term,  “For the Life of Your Business”.

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